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Surviving COVID-19 Pandemic: Relevant Promotional Products to Use

2019 brought a very dangerous viral outbreak to the world. The outbreak in question is co-infection with a human and avian flu virus, called as COVID-19. Not only was it extremely virulent, it had a high fatality rate and moved from person to person at an unusually fast rate which made some people infected highly not to survived.

Now that we’re talking about infectious diseases in a blog post, you may be wondering: what does this have to do with promotional products? But stay with me; believe it or not, your promotional products during the pandemic can prove to be a lifesaver. As this pandemic has compelled companies everywhere to rethink their way of doing business. Work from home, remote workforce, zoom meetings, social distancing, and the near-obsessive sanitizing have all become the norm. Everyone tries to avoid touching anything that they don’t need, when they are outside their homes. Even a quick wipe with sanitizer promptly ensues.

So, this is how promotional products businesses stay relevant.

By thinking out of the box, just like other businesses, of course!

Consumers still need things. Only their buying patterns have changed. So, promotional products businesses can stay relevant by giving consumers branded products that matter to them in the pandemic context. No wiki-how, here are a few product ideas.

1.    Facemasks

Pretty obvious, right? The first product promotional you can think of! There are no explanations needed for why you should be making huge expenditures on Face masks. The cosmetic use of facial masks is what is needed.

Pens, notepads, caps, and hats won’t help you survive the pandemic. However, there is a meteoric rise in the use of face masks. Although there’s no shortage of supply of face masks anymore, they continue to be a commodity in high demand.

Branded face masks offer two advantages as promotional products. Firstly, they would be used on an almost daily basis. Secondly, they are highly visible, thereby achieving the brand awareness objective.

SKU: YORKN33682 Customize Face Mask

2.    Sanitizers

As they say, “health is wealth” and one of the best way to have a healthy life to be protected from the deadly virus that is going around today is by using the right product. This rise to a question on why stop at sanitizers? . Go ahead and create complete care packages that include sanitizers, wet wipes, tissues, and stress balls. Those things acts as germs killer on the skin and cleaning products  which ensure safety of your health.

Once again, these products are likely to be used routinely and have high visibility. The users’ trust in care products can translate into trust in the brand, significantly adding to brand equity.

SKU: YORKN33972 Hand Sanitizer Stick In The Wall

3.    Home Exercise Equipment

No, we’re not talking about gym equipment like treadmill, elliptical machines, or stationary bikes. Think more cost-effective, like yoga mats, gym towels, or skipping ropes.

The work-from-home situation has drastically cut down people’s physical activities. This, in turn, is leading to a healthy lifestyle. Although many people want to make changes in their lives by working out at home, they often lack the equipment, or so they reason.

Branded workout products would work as an excellent reminder that they can work out using simple products. And, they can be the trigger that jumpstarts their at-home exercise regimen. They love the brand for thinking about their health.

SKU: YORKN33675 Fitness Yoga Ball

4.    Water Bottle

There are some things the pandemic has not changed. People continue to eat and drink. People are still stressed by work. So, things like water bottles and stress shapes continue to be relevant.

Stress shapes can be creative, depending on the brand being promoted. They can be shaped like fruit, burger, clock, or something else.

The pandemic is not the end. It’s a challenge. Overcoming this challenge will take some ingenuity and persistence. Hopefully, our ideas will help you do it.

SKU: YORKN33662 Water Bottle 500ml
YORKN33662 Water Bottle 500ml

So, as this pandemic continues to spread and caused health troubles. Each and everyone we’re prepared and aware the best promotional products need to used and prioritized in buying. With this idea this gives the company a great opportunity to increase the production of promotional products since it’s on demand stage. Furthermore, as a product promotional supplier this gives awareness and hints the best product promotional product to offer in this Covid19 Pandemic.


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